At Pure- Ception, we assess your workplace situation, listen to your needs, and guide you step-by-step to create an emotionally and mentally healthy workforce!

In the view of McKinsey & Company, "if the companies make mental health services more accessible and intervene in the workplace in ways that improve well-being, they will simultaneously make an investment that will provide real improvements in employee outcomes and consequences in company performance". Thus, an increase in workplace satisfaction leads to a more significant ROI.

Implementing emotional well-being programs and providing the correct tools will help employees who are more vulnerable to a feeling of stress, depression, or anxiety to build their self-esteem, making them more productive.

Let's look at some data!

Globally, an estimated 12 billion working days are lost yearly to depression and anxiety at a cost of US$ 1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

60% of employees feel anxious, and 56% are experiencing symptoms of depression.

76% of our professionals are experiencing moderate to high levels of stress – a percentage increase of 13% compared to data from 2022.

Source: The Workplace Health Report 2023

Problem number 1

Lack of trust in designated organisational MHFA support staff. Meaning most employees will suffer in silence without sharing their struggles.

Problem number 2

You don't walk the talk. Most organisations don't have active preventive systems, which create the same patterns.

Problem number 3

Your managers are spending too much time resolving issues within the staff instead of focusing on the upcoming future of the company.