Feminine Approach in Male Leadership – EQ

Most readers, when they consider the concept of the “feminine approach” in leadership, will relate this to women. However, this information is directed toward all male leaders who are seeking to improve their leadership skills by focusing on a different perspective, such as Emotional Intelligence. From my professional experience as

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How depression affects legal professionals?

Having bad days or low moods are quite common symptoms of those who work in a fast-paced environment.  However, experiencing one (or both) of these might often be a sign of mental health problems. Current research suggests that roughly three out of ten lawyers are suffering from depression and its

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Trauma vs. Decision Making

In today’s world, the idea of trauma seems to be very frightening and challenging to cope with. When using the word Trauma, we should understand that it relates to a shocking or challenging experience in life that has a significant influence or causes psychological/emotional damage. This could be experienced in

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Overworking and its impacts

Overworking and its impacts If we look at the statistics in the recent study of ADP, 66% of UK employees are overworking by an average of 6.3 hours per week. While some employees could see this as a small percentage compared to the current workload that they have, it is

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Stress and High Expectations

In the UK, 40% of workers admit to experiencing stress created by high expectations. It could be that your boss, client, family member, or even you are raising the bar of expectation too high in order to satisfy needs. But whose needs should we fulfil? Professor Richard Collier says that

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Fear in business

Very often, I see clients experience feelings of fear. For many of them it can be very challenging to recognise the core of their fear. As human beings, we carry fear within us and overcoming fear can take some time. Fear can stop us from doing many things in our

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New Ways of Helping Leaders

Coaching is a frequently used intervention in developing people across a wide range of needs, and it has grown over the decades. The ever-changing nature of coaching practice means we must focus on the totality of the coaching offerings and its coaches. The fundamental issue in coaching lies within the

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