Causes and Tips on

Sleep Deprivation

5 easy steps to avoid drastic measures and lower the risk of losing sleep

Losing sleep can increase the risk of obesity and health problems. Not balancing your home work-life can cause extra stress. Feeling trapped and loyal to your boss or other members of the company or society that you in can cause you anxieties which affects your good sleep.

Are you overworking?
Do you have trouble controlling emotions?
Do you feel that your tasks at work are overwhelming?
Do you have family problems?
Do you bother yourself with traumatic experience?

all of these problems can be caused by losing sleep

if you

  • Waking up too early
  • Have difficulties in falling asleep
  • Suffer from insomnia
  • Experience chronic stress or depression

this short ebook is for you


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what you can find inside

Causes of Sleep Deprivation
5 simple tips on how to get a good quality sleep
Advice on how to manage distress you're in

About author

Over the last decade, I was an observer of prominent organisations and their leaders. I saw lawyers, partners, directors, executives, CEOs struggle with their emotions, which was affecting them and their organisations. With that in mind, the purpose of becoming a process coach was based on my interest in people’s emotions and on finding ways to help them. I have participated in many workshops and training activities, as well as having completed many coaching qualifications such as:

    • MSc in Career Management and Coaching
    • Certificate in Life and Spiritual Coaching
    • Certificate in Systemic Coaching
    • Certificate in Family Constellations
    • Certification in Soul Transformation Therapy


With all of that, I have gained exceptional knowledge in academia, psychology and the spiritual world. Combined, they create a unique approach to working with coaching clients. Not only my expertise, but also personal experience in therapeutic processes, helped me to create a method for looking into a deeply rooted issue. I design bespoke process for each client, which will help them to stimulate their mind, body and soul. My belief lies in people’s emotional intelligence and that the way of overcoming life obstacles are within the pure energy of love, which is crucial in my work and one of the main tools. By creating my brand, I aim to coach and teach people how to achieve emotional balance, which arises from the place of the pure-ception.



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